Submission Guidelines

If you have a substantive question, or would like to submit a proposal for a blog post, article or judgment review, please contact our editors at

In submitting proposals, please take note of the following:

  1. We welcome blog posts and Articles which address contemporary issues in Economics of Competition law and its intersection with various disciplines. Authors can also submit analysis of Judgements delivered on relevant competition law matters. 

  2. Please include a short title.

  3. Blog posts must be between 700 to 1,500 words. 

  4. Article must be between 1000-3500 words.

  5. Judgment Review must be between 700-2000 words.

  6. Please insert spaces between paragraphs.

  7. The authors must include, as hyperlink in the body of the text, appropriate references to the sources used in the post. We reserve the right to add (additional) links to sources relevant to the matters referred to in a post, should these not already be implemented.

  8. We encourage the authors to avoid using footnotes or endnotes. However, if footnotes are necessary, please follow a uniform and recognized citation method.

  9. Avoid using ALL CAPS in the title or in the text.

  10. The submissions must be original. No form of plagiarism shall be allowed under any circumstances.

  11. The CCLMS Blog values originality of pieces above anything. Contributors must make known to us any submissions of the draft post with other publishers, at any time during the review process. We reserve the right to cease collaboration with respective contributors, if they fail to do so.

  12. If any internal authorizations are required from the employer, for example, to publish the post, the authors must confirm that they have obtained any and all such authorizations. This guideline is not to be construed as contrary to any other guideline or policy of the Blog, including the Blog’s requirement of originality and its general policy of publishing only previously unpublished content.